Breakfast with Nick Conrad

A really interesting day for Lana Hempsall today, starting early with Nick Conrad on the BBC Radio Norfolk Breakfast show and talking about General Election issues in Norwich South - as Lana reports here from Norwich Market:

“It was lovely to see James Wright there from the Liberal Democrats and really disappointing tha the other two candidates could not join us. We talked about Brexit, a key issue in this election and the effect the Manchester tragedy is having on our community and how we feel about our country's safety.

“I spent the rest of the day campaigning in the constituency meeting and talking with residents. Key topics were university tuition fees and fox hunting and I'm pleased to say that if elected I will have a free vote on the fox hunting ban repeal - and by a free vote I mean that I am free to vote according to my conscience and the will of my residents in Norwich South.

“And in relation to tuition fees and the rest of the Labour manifesto? The Institute for Fiscal Studies has today revealed that Corbyn's manifesto would raise taxation to record high levels in peace time Britain and still he would preside over an even bigger deficit. Labour's manifesto doesn't add up."

Lana will be out and about campaigning in Costessey & Bowthorpe tomorrow - so please come and have a chat if you see her.