Bids open for Housing Infrastructure Fund

Fantastic news as the Government invites local councils to bid for the £2.3 bn Housing Infrastructure Fund today.

This will mean that housing for ordinary working families can be built faster.  This is all about delivering the right infrastructure in the right place.  

The Housing Infrastructure Fund will also be available to build schools, health centres and digital infrastructure to support the demands of our growing communities.  

How much Norfolk will receive from this fund is unknown, but the exciting opportunity is definitely there.  Our county is desperately in need of housing which people can afford, and we are a long way from even beginning to catch up with the digital infrastructure which is essential for the growth of our economy - both locally and nationally.  

Although I don’t have the details available for exact criteria for the projects which can be applied for, I’m hoping that a number of schools that have been left behind in terms of infrastructure investment can be improved with this money, and this won’t just apply to new builds in new neighbourhoods.  Acle Academy has been longing for a new sports hall for as long as I can remember, and it would be nice to see this come forward as well as all the housing planned for the village.  Elsewhere in the county there are schools bursting at the seams in need of better facilities, so fingers crossed.