Lana in Lakenham & Tuckswood

Lana Hempsall had a busy day in Lakenham and Tuckswood today, supported by Chloe Smith and James Cleverly - thank you both!

Chatting to residents, Lana was struck by the really tough choice a number of people are having to make.  A promise of more generous handouts, which might make life a little easier in the short run, but do nothing to improve life and job prospects from Labour, or the tough love Conservative promise of economic growth and a commitment to up-skilling and social mobility. Lana takes up the story…

"I spoke to a young man with a toddler aged 1, who was disappointed that his child would no longer receive a free school lunch when reaching school age and would have to do with just a free breakfast.  From my experience in schools it is far easier to teach young children who have had a good night’s sleep and some breakfast, and I know from bitter experience that there are enough children out there who don’t enjoy the benefit of either, find learning difficult as a result and fall behind through no fault of their own.  

In addition, I’d like to say the following to that family, if you’re reading this.  If elected, I want to work with you to work out how to make sure that in the next 3 years, when your lovely toddler becomes a school age child, you can proudly say that you are in a job that pays you enough money for you not to need the support which you need now.  That neither school meals nor uniform are a problem and that you have enough put aside to go on an interesting holiday you’ve always hoped to take with the children.  

Because unlike Labour, I don’t believe in leaving you stuck in the same old situation of claiming benefit year after year with no prospects of change or improvement.  I believe in you and know you can do better, and it is my job as your local MP to help that change for the better happen - where you live in Norwich South."