Lana pounds the streets in Bowthorpe

A fantastic day campaigning again, joined by Richard Bacon, James Cartlidge and the Leader of Norfolk County Council Cliff Jordan - so great to be supported by such an amazing Norfolk-wide team.

As polling day draws closer, the issue on the doorstep is resoundingly Brexit, and who of the two leaders is best able to take our country through the negotiations with our 27 European partners and beyond our eventual exit from the European Union.  

I am very mindful of the fact that Norwich South voted to remain in the EU, but as the country is leaving the union it would be my job to ensure that the constituency gets the best possible deal out of Brexit to benefit all residents.  I firmly believe that Theresa May is the only credible leader to take on this job. 

I have been challenged on the question of who is best placed to sign off on the final deal that is struck with the EU and contrary to what my political opponents might say, I have complete faith in our democratic processes and in the will of the people in deciding what the best deal is for Britain, however I remain deeply sceptical how realistic a second referendum would actually be and what the question on the ballot paper would actually mean.  Would British people be voting on the deal as a whole?  What if you didn’t like just one part of the deal?  What if you didn’t like one part of the deal but thought the thrust of the overall package was OK?  What if that one point was a “deal breaker”?  

The reality is that it is neither in our interest, nor the EU’s interest, not to come to an arrangement.  The damage to our respective economies would be vast and enough to topple the most secure of governments if we fail.  So I have complete faith that a second referendum is unnecessary.  

The country voted to Leave.  It would be my job as local MP to make sure that decision works to the advantage of Norwich South residents and its businesses.  

So vote for a positive change.  

Vote Conservative

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