New funding for schools announced

I am absolutely thrilled to report that the Conservative Government is spending an additional £1.3 billion for schools funding over two years - meaning schools funding will be £2.6 billion higher in 2019-20.  This means that core schools funding is now a record £41 billion and is set to rise over the next two years.  The new National Schools Funding Formula will be introduced in 2018 and will put an end to the postcode lottery of schools funding.  Children with similar needs across the country will get the same funding, regardless of where they live.  
There will be an increase of £160 million for PE and sports in primary education.  

Fairer schools funding – backed by today’s additional investment – will deliver the biggest improvement to the school funding system for well over a decade. It will mean an increase in the basic amount that every pupil will get, protected funding for those with high needs, and will ensure that every local authority is in a position to give schools a cash increase through the new formula.
This means that, with teachers and schools across Norfolk, we can continue to raise standards and give every child the best possible education, and the best opportunities for the future.

I'm very proud that our Conservative Government has announced this funding.