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Lana Hempsall

I'm Lana Hempsall and it's an honour to be the a Conservative campaigner in Broadland and Norwich. You'll find my latest news, campaigns and more about me on this website. I'm here to help, so please get in touch via the Contact page.
Lana Hempsall with Theresa May

Making a success of Brexit in Norwich South

I’m the only candidate in this election who is backing the Prime Minister’s plan to secure the best possible deal from Brexit and to make a success of Brexit locally
Lana Hempsall at Norwich Aviation Academy

Supporting Local Businesses

Only a strong economy earns the money to pay for skills, infrastructure & the health service. Local investment in Technology and Science is our best chance of creating quality jobs in Norwich.
Lana Hempsall with Clark

Sustainable transport improvements for Norwich

As a guide dog owner, I rely on public transport and want to see improvements to transport infrastructure in Norwich to reduce the congestion and air pollution brought about by recent changes.

Supporting choice and high standards in education

My three children have grown up in Norwich and I believe that a good education helps everyone, regardless of background, to make the most of their lives.

Improving standards and choice in our NHS

Lana Hempsall will campaign for better standards in our local hospitals and GP surgeries so that local people get the healthcare they deserve

Building homes whilst protecting green space

Helping to deliver more homes for local people, of an appropriate scale and type, whilst protecting our green space


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Flooding update

We've had some really heavy rain and thunderstorms in broadland today and there…

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