About Lana Hempsall

Lana is a successful businesswoman with a proven track record of new business setup and development in the energy markets sector.  Her first enterprise was a physiotherapy practice the set up after qualifying in 1999, but after moving to Norfolk Lana joined her husband in running the family business  

Lana has been politically active since 2007 when she first became a parish councillor; in 2011 she was elected to Broadland District Council on a toss of a coin, worked hard for her community and increased her vote share to 53% in 2015 when she also stood in the General Election for an opposition held seat In Tameside, greater Manchester.  

Lana is registered blind and depends almost completely on public transport and often says that if her and her guide dog cannot access a certain place, it’s not in a sustainable location.  “It’s incredible how different your perspective is when you can’t drive and this is something I share not just with other disabled people, but with the elderly and young.  To a driver, an attraction or event might be just a few minutes drive away, but if there’s no pavement or no bus, it’s inaccessible to a large proportion of the population, who don’t feel they are in a position to grumble.”

Lana has, over the years, been actively involved with a number of clubs and societies, mostly in relation to her children’s activities.  “I’ve been a Youth Fixtures Secretary for North Walsham rugby club and am looking forward to taking over co-ordinating the girls’ development squad at Norwich Dragons Hockey Club.  Volunteering your time is really important in our society and we would be much poorer if it weren’t for all the hundreds of thousands of hours which volunteers across the constituency give to clubs, societies and good causes.”

Despite her disability, Lana likes to keep active.  “I love running and wish I could take part in more events. I also like playing the piano, which is really therapeutic after a stressful day.”  Lana keeps a small flock of laying hens and looks after a very elderly rabbit.  “The older he gets, the nicer he becomes.  When we first got him he was a feisty little thing, but now loves nothing better than a treat and a cuddle.”